Apollo Chemical has the equipment and the team to help you fill your manufacturing needs to meet a wide range of customer demands.

Why use Apollo Chemical?

Custom manufacturing allows our customers to leverage our manufacturing expertise and flexibility to their advantage. Customers bring projects to Apollo when their orders exceed their capacity or capabilites.  Orders can be filled quickly and efficiently.

Customers have turned to us as their manufacturer when manufacturing a product in their facility no longer makes sense.  For example, on the downside of a product life-cycle where the volume is too small to continue to make internally, but discontinuing the product is not an option.

Some customers have approached us with a product concept and need formulation or process assistance.

Others have a perfected formula, but need to gradually produce as the business ramps up, or while their production area is being completed.

Customers using other toll manufacturers have asked us to quote on new projects or evaluate existing toll arrangements.

Finally, others prefer to focus on sales and marketing and outsource the manufacturing to us.

Whatever your reason, our team is ready to assist.