At Apollo Chemical, our mission is to serve our customers by providing superior products to meet their chemical needs, exceptional technical support and resourceful innovations through our continuing search for the best solutions to their problems.  We’re able to serve our customers in the global marketplace – Apollo has expanded its manufacturing capabilities and its reach through acquisitions/mergers.  Apollo has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals to an expanding array of industries.

History & Growth

Apollo Chemical Corporation was founded in 1968 and was acquired by CPC Chemical Holdings, LLC in 2005. Mount Vernon Mills, Inc purchased the Apollo along with FCI in 2007 forming Mount Vernon Chemicals, LLC.


We are committed to continuously adapting to meet our customers’ needs.  It’s not enough to have high-quality products, we also have the technical support system to back those up.  Our products must meet our high quality specifications as well as meeting our customer’s specifications.  We pride ourselves on a safe and clean work environment.


Since 1998, the Apollo Chemical locations have been certified by INTERTEK under ISO 9001:2015 standards. This certification is yet another sign of our commitment to offering quality products to our customers.