Opelika Capabilities


The Opelika location includes two 80 hp boilers (max temp of 160-165 C), a 228 nominal-ton cooling tower, a 20 ton chiller, and a bulk loading/unloading station.  One of the facility’s specialties is its capability to do high pressure emulsions, which are then tested through a Particle Size Analyzer to ensure it meets our customer's needs

Vessel Qty Operating Capacity (each/gallons) Pressure (psi) Location
Reactor 1 5,000 35 Opelika, AL
Reactor 2 4,000 100 Opelika, AL
Reactor 1 2,000 100 Opelika, AL
Reactor 1 1,000 15 Opelika, AL
Mixing 1 300 Atmospheric Opelika, AL